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Art Surf Camp has been organizing surf camps for over 15 years at Razo beach in A Coruña, northern Spain. The surf camp takes place in our beachfront surf hostel, with surf school and restaurant, at Razo beach (a surfer paradise in Galicia) only 30 feet away from the waves with stunning and relaxing views of the Atlantic Ocean.

We are proud to be considered the best surf camp in Spain and one of the most prestigious surf camps in Europe. No matter your surfing level, we will turn your surf trip to Spain into an unforgettable experience.

If you want to make a unique and unforgettable experience book here from 299€:


If you are more than 10 years old and you want to enjoy a surfing holiday in Europe, Art Surf Camp is the best surf camp you can choose.

We offer you an unforgettable surfing holiday on the Atlantic coast, no matter your age; the only requirement is that you know how to swim.

Regardless of your age, Art Surf Camp is the ideal place to learn how to surf in Spain and northern Portugal. We organize surf camps for adults and surf camps for kids as well as surf camps for beginners and intermediates and coaching for advanced surfers.


In our youth surf camps, the children´s safety comes first. In order to put parents or guardians at ease, we provide the campers with a team of qualified professionals and free time monitors that keep an eye on the children 24 hours a day. For added security, we have a video surveillance camera circuit within the surf camp for young people.

We also organize adult surf camps for our 18+ campers; in these adult surf camps we have controlled parties at our restaurant bar, The ArtBar, so that you can enjoy the next morning’s surf courses. The ArtBar has the best terrace in Galicia and it is the ideal place to have a beer and meet new campers or have some Spanish tapas while enjoying the magical views. If you want to party some more, Friday nights in Carballo are well-known for their good atmosphere.

We have our own teaching method which has been developed with over 12 years of experience. With this method, campers progress quickly while learning in a fun and safe way.

No matter your level of surfing, we have surf courses for beginners, surf courses for intermediate level and surf courses for advanced surfers or pros.

We form groups of 6 people per instructor where learning and having fun is the name of the game. Our surf camp instructors will choose the best waves and tide conditions in order for you to have the most fun and take advantage of the waves in Razo.

In the mornings, after an energetic breakfast, you will have a 2-hour surf class plus 1 hour to surf freely while being supervised by the instructors, and in the afternoons there will be more surfing and activities!

It is totally impossible to get bored in our surf camps. Our wide range of complementary activities includes:

  • Training courses in waves and tides where you will understand the weather forecasts better.
  • Video correction sessions where you will be able to watch your mistakes and improve your technique.
  • Stretching sessions to improve your physical performance.
  • Functional training sessions.
  • Pilates to improve your body posture and prevent injuries.
  • Capoeira for you to keep in shape.
  • Long skating.
  • Mini ramp skateboarding.
  • Tarp surfing.
  • Yoga.
  • Slack line.
  • Table tennis.
  • 3-sided football.
  • Beach volleyball.
  • Footvolley.
  • Hiking.
  • Surf safaris around the Costa da Morte.
  • Paddle surfing.
  • Jam sessions in the afternoons and evenings.

Our professional team of instructors has the specific qualifications required in order to teach surf lessons, with plenty of national and international experience. Furthermore, they are specially selected for their ability to teach and their excellence at surfing.

Our instructors will turn your surfing holiday into an unforgettable experience

The hotel-hostel has two floors of rooms with windows for you to enjoy spectacular views of the beach. All rooms have fitted wardrobes where you can store your stuff while you have fun surfing. The first floor has shared bedrooms for 4 to 6 people with bunk beds, and separate shower and toiletry areas. The second floor has shared bedrooms for 4 people with en-suite bathrooms.

The hotel-hostel is licensed (15-AX-16) for the Autonomous Community of Galicia and it belongs to the International Network of Youth Hostels. The total capacity is for 86 people, with a floor space of 2200m2.

The ArtBar is our restaurant-bar where you can enjoy anything from a cup of tea to a lunch or dinner of your choice, according to the menu. Furthermore, you can relax after a day of surfing or watch the waves from the stunning sun terrace.

In our audio-visual room, which is 80m2, we hold complementary lessons such as video correction, wave formation or workshops that will help you improve your knowledge. You can also challenge your friends to a game of table tennis.

The chill-out area is the perfect place to relax in the hammocks or in the garden area. We also have a mini skate ramp, a 3-sided football field and a volleyball court. At the surf school, you will have the best surfing equipment in order to ride Razo’s waves - surfboards, wetsuits, etc.

The surf school has a set of showers where you can wash your surfing material and a drying zone where you can put it to dry so that it will be in perfect condition for your next surf lesson.

We know Spanish food is renowned worldwide, and our menu is designed by a dietician and home-cooked by our chefs - abundant, rich, varied and with plenty of fruit. Fresh fish, Galician meat, vegetables and pasta are plentiful in this diet. The surf camp offers you a tasty and varied menu, thought out in such a way that your inner surfer can come out.

With varied and energetic breakfasts, two-course lunches and dinners with dessert, your only concern will be learning how to surf the waves!

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Tel: (0034) 626 836 872 Email: info@artsurfcamp.com

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