Our surf school in Spain

ArtSurfCamp surf school began its adventure in 2004 at the privileged beach location in Razo, Spain, where nature provides ideal conditions for this wonderful sport.

Our surf school was born from the passion of a group of friends who have turned their hobby into a prosperous company. Pablo Rodríguez and Manuel Alonso´s enthusiasm, of which ArtSurfCamp surf school is a lifelong project, has created a relaxed atmosphere where you can surf and do activities such as yoga, urban surfing, tarp surfing, and more.

Over 20,000 visitors from around the world (mainly Spain and Europe) have already passed through our facilities. Our customers’ loyalty is high, and their very positive feedback makes us invest in improvements year after year, in both our facilities and our services, with the aim of giving every guest the best possible stay.

When you come to ArtSurfCamp surf school to learn to surf, you'll learn with professionals with over 17 years of experience. If you're looking to learn surfing, ArtSurfCamp surf school in Razo Beach, Spain is the ideal spot for surfing classes and courses. In our surf school we have facilities for all sorts of surfing-related activities: surfing, body-boarding, stand up paddling, skating, long skating, beach volleyball and more!

ArtSurfCamp surf school facilities

We have stunning beachfront facilities in Razo (Galicia-Northern Spain) at one of the best surf spots in Spain and Portugal. The surf school has a covered area with locker rooms and hot showers. We also have an area for surfing-related activities and functional training focused on surfing, as well as an area for stretching and Pilates sessions. We also have a room for theoretical classes and video correction, crucial for the accurate learning of our students.

Surf school equipment

We have all the necessary equipment, so that you only have to worry about learning and enjoying your time at the surf school. We have more than 100 surfboards to choose from.

We offer surfboards for all levels: from soft boards for beginners to conventional surfboards of different sizes. We care about having the highest quality equipment for advanced level surfers, with surfboards from the best brands in Europe, such as Pukas.

In ArtSurfCamp surf school we have first-class wetsuits, such as Rip Curl. The water temperature will not be a problem, whatever the season.

ArtSurfCamp surf school family

Throughout the years we have been sponsored by large commercial brands like Quiksilver, Oxbow, Pukas, Nike, Miller and Rip Curl.

The ArtSurfCamp surf school family is made up of renowned surfers such as Gony Zubizarreta, Hector Menéndez, Luis Rodríguez, Pablo Solar, Lucía Martiño and many more. Luxury surf board shapers like Jhony Cabianca or Mikel Agote and photographers at the professional level like Sergio Villalba.


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