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We are located in Razo, in the municipality of Carballo, in the province of A Corunna on the Atlantic coast in Europe. It is north of Portugal, and in the northern part of Spain.

Razo is considered one of the best surf spots in Spain and throughout the Atlantic coast of Europe, so if you are looking for the best surf holiday, Razo is your top choice. Don’t miss the opportunity to surf in Europe!

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Razo is a surf spot located in the north of Spain, and north of Portugal. It is a very peaceful place where you can surf 365 days a year, with a 7km-long beach full of great waves for surfing. It is one of the few surfing beaches on the European Atlantic coast where there are waves on a daily basis, with the most frequent sea tides. Moreover, it is not a crowded surf spot, so your stay at ArtSurfCamp will be most enjoyable. The lifeguard service operates around the clock, and we coordinate with them so that there is a good vibe on the beach and your safety is assured.

Razo belongs to the municipality of Carballo, a town located just 6 miles from the Spanish surf spot of Razo. It has over 31,000 inhabitants, a health centre, and all the facilities of a town. Carballo is just 20 minutes away from A Corunna and 50 minutes from Santiago de Compostela, two important coastal cities of Spain.

You can get to ArtSurfCamp on your own or, if you prefer, we can pick you up ourselves at the airports of A Corunna or Santiago de Compostela, which both have connecting flights from London and from major Spanish cities like Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. If you arrive by train or bus, we can pick you up at the bus or train stations in A Corunna or Santiago de Compostela, too.

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