BOOKING FORMSurfcampday / Minors: 249€ / From 16th of july to the 19th of july

How to Book at the Surf Camp

2. Student data

3. Select your package options

Base package
The base package only includes the extras listed in the description on the right

The price of 249€ includes:

  • 4 days of course
  • 2 hours of surf lessons daily (surf, surf skate in wood wave, didactics and safety, surf training)
  • Surf material
  • Lunch   Open menu
  • Changing room with hot shower
  • Surf practice (2 hours in the afternoon)
  • Insurance


4. Extra information

Tell us how you are going to get here (where, when, time ...), if you are coming in a group or anything else we have to know about you or your group:

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